Nerv Centr™ SWatPack™

REVISION’S SWatPack module provides 160 Ah of MIL-1275D compliant storage at 28 volts to power modular and scalable on-board vehicle silent watch solutions.

Revision uses large format cells and bolted electrical connections.

There are just 7 lithium cells in each SWatPack, this ensures mounting and connections are secure, inspected and resistant to vibration and shock.

Output: 20,0 – 29,4 V
Capacity: 160 Ah (Nominal), 190 Ah (Max)
Discharge rate: 20 A (Nominal), 160 A (Max)
Max charge rate: 80 A
Voltage input: 25-30 V (MIL-1275D Compliant)
Weight: 28 kg

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