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9-11 May 2016 – CRD at NDIS

CRD will exhibit the Nordic Defence Industry Seminar, NDIS, taking place in Helsinki. NDIS is an interaction with Defence Industries of the Nordic nations and government representatives from Nordic nations as well as The United States, Canada and NATO. Seminar will be mainly address to Nordic Defence Industries and their representatives but is open to […]

15-17 March 2016 – CRD at ISNR

CRD will exhibit the International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience in Adnec, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Organized by the UAE Ministry of Interior and Reed Exhibitions, the biennial International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience (ISNR) is the Gulf region’s foremost platform dedicated to homeland security, safety and national resilience. CRD are proud to be […]


LRAD-RX The LRAD-RX accepts motion commands from the LRAD Controller software through a point and click interface. Simply click on a target and the LRAD will move to center its acoustic beam onto the target. A standard USB joystick (not included) can also be used to control the LRAD’s motion. The LRAD Controller’s easy to […]

5 LRAD 2000X

LRAD 2000X LRAD 2000X – the operators have the ability to issue clear, authoritative verbal commands, followed with a powerful deterrent tone to alter behavior and enhance response capabilities. The extended frequency range of the LRAD 2000X ensures voice commands will be clearly understood over distances to 5,500 meters (and beyond in certain environments). FEATURES […]

4 UC-5

UC-5 The UC-5 module is an ultra compact, high power green laser device for use by OEM’s and Systems Integrators to add long range non-lethal deterrence to their equipment. The small size and fiber coupled transmitter allows easy integration with existing systems. The modules are designed for use in harsh environments. An optional integrated rangefinder […]

4 TACRION© Reinforced

Video not supported. TACRION© Reinforced TACRION© Reinforced is engineered, manufactured and patented by CRD Protection. The net has a mesh of stainless steel which only ads 14kg and 10% more volume to the net-bag compared to standard TACRION©. The TACRION design makes it an extremely mobile and lightweight high-performance fence. TACRION Reinforced net has a […]

4 LRAD 1000Xi

LRAD 1000Xi The LRAD 1000Xi -. featuring a rugged carbon fiber emitter head integrated with electronics and amplification, the LRAD 1000Xi has an MP3 Control Module that can be affixed to the acoustic array for local activation of prerecorded messages or use of the live microphone. The control module can also be placed away from […]


Video not supported. TACRION© TACRION© – the Tactical Riot Net – is engineered, manufactured and patented by CRD Protection. It is probably the most mobile and lightweight high-performance fence in the world today. TACRION© consists of a specially manufactured net that has a high force absorption which can quickly and easily be mounted between two fixed points […]